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17 August 2011. Cluster Launch of Dnepr LV

Dnepr launch vehicle carrying eight payloads blasted off from Yasny launch base (Orenburg Region, Russian Federation) on August 17, 2011 at 11:12:20 Moscow time (07:12:20 UTC).

Dnepr Performance Enhanced 


During operation of the Dnepr Space Launch System, the work on launch vehicle performance enhancement was continuously performed.  New solutions were developed and implemented, which enabled the use of the outstanding performance potential of the original SS-18 rocket to a greater extent.  Optimization of Dnepr orbit injection profile has proved to be the most efficient measure. In particular, operation time of the second stage steering engines has been significantly increased (up to 85 seconds during the launch on 17 August 2011). As a result of all measures taken, the mass of a payload to be placed into 700 km sun-synchronous orbit (the most required orbit) has increased by 400 kg.

ISC Kosmotras extends its congratulations on the launch success to all the mission participants!


Dnepr Cluster Launch Video, August 2011


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Dnepr Program

During 1992-2003 timeframe, a team of Russian and Ukrainian companies together with the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) were involved in developing a commercial space launch system based on the technology of the SS-18 ICBMs being withdrawn from service.

Description and main specifications

Dnepr LV

Description and main specifications
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