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ISC Kosmotras will provide launch services for two Earth-observation satellites manufactured by SSTL for Nigeria
On 9 September 2009, a contract was signed between ISC Kosmotras and SSTL for the launch of Nigeria-2 and NigeriaSat-Х satellites on Dnepr rocket as part of 2010 cluster launch from Yasny Launch Base.

The national Earth remote sensing spacecraft of Ukraine will be placed into orbit by Dnepr launch vehicle as a part of 2010 cluster launch
The primary payload of this cluster launch, with piggybacks from the British SSTL and Turkish TUBITAK UZAY, will be Sych-2 of Ukraine.

Latest successful launch of Dnepr
29, July 2009. DubaiSat-1 (United Arab Emirates), Deimos-1 (Spain), UK DMC-2 (Great Britain), NanoSat-1B (Spain), AprizeSat-3 and AprizeSat-4 (USA) were successfully launched aboard Dnepr Launch Vehicle from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Dnepr Cluster Launch Preparations Nearing Completion at Baikonur
Final launch preparations are being conducted today. The launch is scheduled for 29.07.09 at 22hrs 46 min Moscow time.

Dnepr Cluster Launch Preparations Continue at Baikonur Cosmodrome
Preparations for the Dnepr cluster launch mission that will carry 6 spacecraft on-board are currently under way at Baikonur Cosmodrome. The activities are progressing according to the approved schedule.

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Dnepr Program

During 1992-2003 timeframe, a team of Russian and Ukrainian companies together with the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) were involved in developing a commercial space launch system based on the technology of the SS-18 ICBMs being withdrawn from service.

Description and main specifications

Dnepr LV

Description and main specifications
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