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Dnepr LV

Description and main specifications

Dnepr launch vehicle (LV) is based on the SS-18 liquid-fuelled ICBM and has a three-stage plus Space Head Module (SHM) in-line configuration.

The LV 1st and 2nd stages are original SS-18 stages and used without any modification.

Dnepr 3rd stage is an original SS-18 3rd stage with upgraded control system that enables implementation of the required flight program of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages, forming and issuing commands to payload and Space Head Module separation devices and getting the 3rd stage and remaining SHM elements off the injection orbit after the separation of all the payloads.


Main specifications of the Dnepr LV are given below:

Total launch mass

210 tons

Propellant components for all stages

UDMH + N2O4 

Number of stages


Spacecraft injection accuracy (H=300 km) 

  • For altitude
  • For inclination
  • For the right ascension of the ascending node  
  •   4,0 km 
  •   2,4 ang.min 
  •   3,0 ang.min

 Orbit inclination

 98°,  64,5°

 Flight reliability


 Loads affecting the spacecraft: 

  • Maximum axial quasi-static g-loads
  • Maximum lateral quasi-static g-loads
  • Overall sound pressure level 
  • 7,5 
  • 0,8 
  • 135 dB 














Launch type – steam ejection from Transport and Launch Canister (TLC)

 Dnepr LV User's Guide - Planning Document for potential and current customer, where you can find more information about Dnepr LV.


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Telephone: +7 (495) 745-72-61 
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Dnepr Program

During 1992-2003 timeframe, a team of Russian and Ukrainian companies together with the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) were involved in developing a commercial space launch system based on the technology of the SS-18 ICBMs being withdrawn from service.

Description and main specifications

Dnepr LV

Description and main specifications
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